Mario Run – iOS game

So finally! The wait is over! Sitting there bored on my Thursday night I decided to delve into the App Store to see what games there were to help me kill some time and at the top of the charts already, boom, there it was! This wasn’t a false alarm the game was ACTUALLY there ready for download in the UK! Then I wake up on my Friday morning and after chemario run on the iphone - home screencking my emails, realise that Apple decided to send me an email at 2:42AM to say that it was now available. That’s a whole 8 hours gameplay that I could have lost, anyway… I digress, back to the game.


Not loading as fast as I would like on my now mega slow iPhone 6 I smiled from ear to ear to see that Nintendo logo that I’ve grown to love through my childhood days pop up. Then that sound that I’ve been waiting for… ‘letsa go’ 🙂

So the start of the game is very informative meaning that it will teach you the ropes as you go. It is a simple tap game where Mario is already running and tapping will make Mario jump. A single tap of the screen will jump, hold that finger/thumb down and it will be a higher jump, top of that jump tap again for a little cheeky spin to help keep Super Mario up in the air… Simples.

The graphics are top notch and game is designed to be able to play one handed. Very well thought out

and very much a game that you will want to load up if you have a spare 5 minutes or an hour free. I’m not that far into the game to be honest as it’s only been out for half a day and I’ve got to do some work but it looks like even though it’s free to download and grab your attention, the game is going to cost you £7.99. Whilst I despise in game purchasing, this looks like its more of a ‘try before you buy’ and believe me, I will be parting with my money when I get to that point as I seem to be addicted already!

£7.99 for Super Mario Run

£7.99 for Super Mario Run to be seems well worth it!


The theme music will not let you down either with the upbeat tunes that will stick in your head and you will be humming in your next meeting. This will capture the age range of anyone that owns an iPhone. Very well done Nintendo, a longer than anticipated appearance but man I’m so happy that it is finally here!

Now the only con that I have found about this game is that you can only play the game if you have an active internet connection meaning I’ll be sitting on the plane with the phone in plane mode thinking all I want to do is play Mario and not being able to… to me that seriously sucks but hey ho, I’m sure that I’ll still be able to get my game playing hours in.


Best game for me since cut rope. I can see me deleting around 20 odd games off of the iPhone now that this is here as this will be my go-to game from now on unless I’m on the tube or on a plane!